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Sullivan County Deed Search

Follow these steps to conduct an online search at the Sullivan County Registry of Deeds:

     1. Go to     

     2. Click on ‘Search County Records’ located on left menu.

     3. Click on ‘Accept Agreement’.

     4. Follow the directions to load Java on your computer if needed. When Java is loaded the screen Sullivan County Index/Image Selection will appear.

             - The first screen allows searching for the years 1965 - Present.

             - Records from 1827 - 1970 are found under ‘Old Index Books’

             - Select Index from the pull-down menu at upper left of screen.

     5. Choose a range of years to search by the Grantor (seller) or Grantee (buyer).

     6. Choose ‘Click Here to Begin Name Search’.

     7. Find the page number for the appropriate alphabetical range.

     8. Enter page number in box located at  top right labeled ‘Index Page’.

     9. The Deed Index appears, giving you the names involved in the transaction as well as the Book and Page numbers of the document.

     10. To view the original document, record the Book and Page numbers and return to the Sullivan County Index/Image Selection’ screen.

     11. Enter the Document Book and Document Page at the top right of screen.

     12. Choose ‘Click Here To View Document’.


Navigate by using the ‘Prior Page’ and ‘Next Page’ as well as ‘Prior Document’ and ‘Next Document’ functions. You need an account in order to print documents, or you can bring the Book and Page numbers to the office to print a copy.


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