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Pine Street West Cemetery Quadrant C: J - W
Name Plot Number Year Date Age Parents Spouse Cause of Death Motif Stonecutter/Notes
Jamieson, George C14 1815 30-May 24y     Native of Ireland
Jamieson, George C14a 1815     Footstone
Lane, Jesse C22 1819 25-Aug 73y   Urn, arching willows, vine border, columns Epitaph
Lane, Robert C23 1794 18-Jun 80y 7m   Winged effigy, lilies and heart, columns Epitaph
Lane, Tempera C21 1801 7-May 7y 7m 20d Jesse & Hester   Drowning Ornate urn in portal, two arching willows, starburst  
McAllister, Jerusha C36 1812 26-Mar 69y   Rosette with arching willow, trees across bottom  
Nettleton, Jeremiah C30 1815 16-Nov 77y   Ornate draped urn, willow branch across top, rosettes each side of urn, vine border, star top of shoulder Epitaph
Nettleton, Love C29 1825 26-Jul 88y   Jeremiah   Urn draped in willow tree, border across top, columns  
Newton, Abigail C9 1843   Hubbard    
Newton, Adelia M. C9 1905    
Newton, Arthur W. C9 1824    
Newton, Catherine M. C9 1825    
Newton, Henrietta M. C9 1876    
Newton, Hubbard C9 1847   Abigail    
Newton, Lucretia C9 1907   William F.    
Newton, Mary C. C9 1868    
Newton, Rev. Chs. H. E.  C9 1887    
Newton, William F. C9 1907   Lucretia McQuestion    
Peabody, Patty C4 1801 4-Mar 23y 11m   Ammi    Arching willow branch  
Sargent, Hannah C49 1850 5-Mar 77y   Dea. Nathan   Willow arching over urn Epitaph
Stevens, John C50 1813 20-Apr 11m 24d John & Lois   Central rosette, willow each side, star  
Story, Charrity C28 1838 24-Aug 74y   William   Quarter cirlce each corner  
Towner, Austin C42 1813 1-May 4y 10m 15d Ichabod A. & Olive   Central rosette, arching willow, vine border  
White, Moses C11   Stylized lily Footstone
White, Moses C16 1796 12-Oct 68y   Winged effigy, lily branches each side, border columns Epitaph
Wilcox, Hannah C8b 1843 17-Sep 82y   Uriah   Central sunrise, two 1/4 sunbursts top corner, border around inscription with sunbursts in corners C. Dunklee
Wilcox, Uriah C8a 1822 18-Mar 73y   Hannah   Urn, fern from top, willow branch each side, floral bouquet on crown, ornate border  
Willcox, Hannah C8 1783 4-Apr 31y   Uriah   Portrait, two tulip plants with three blossoms either side. Wide serpentine border, heart in center of border. Epitaph
Woodward, Alonzo C2 1813 11-Jun 2y 1m Lt. Nathan & Nancy    Central rosette, arching willow branch, star to right of rosette  
Woodward, Nancy C3 1813 1-Apr 24y   Lt. Nathan   Central rosette, small willow branch, three small rosettes, vine border  
Woodward, Silvander C1 1813 27-Dec 1y 6d Lt. Nathan & Nancy    Central rosette, arching willow branch, small rosettes to side  
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