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Pine Street West Cemetery Quadrant B: Giles - ZT
Name Plot Number Year Date Age Parents Spouse Cause of Death Motif Stonecutter/      Notes
Giles, Benjamin B87 1787 9-Dec 70y   Portrait/lilies/border/columns Epitaph/History
Hall, Amos B106 1796 14-Oct 58y   Urn/willow/border Epitaph
Hall, Elisha B91a 1809 18-Dec 6w 3d John & Abigail   Rosette/willow/crosses Not original location
Hall, Louiza B82 1810 20-Jul 1y 22d John & Abigail   8 petaled rosette/willow/border  
Heath, Betsey C. B30 1813 31-Jul 21y 5d Caleb & Abigail  
Heath, Gilman B31 1804 9-Jan 5y 9m 8d Caleb & Abigail   Willow  
Heath, Harris B32 1831 16-Mar 35y   Urn/willow/lily/sunbursts  
Heath, Nelly B44a 1804 19-Sep 1y 6d Caleb & Abigail   Willow/border  
Hurd, Samuel B105 1810 14-Oct   Urn/portal/willow/diamond/star/rosettes Carver's lines/repaired: reattached to plinth/Epitaph
Hurd, Samuel B94   Willow/border Footstone, Carver lines
Hurde, Lidia B104 1798 6-Dec 65y   Cap Samuel   Winged effigy/tulip/lilies/columns Epitaph
Hurde, Lydia B93   Heart Footstone
Ide, Amos B6 1800/1810 18-May 11d Edward & Betsy   Rosette/willow branch  
JC B65   Footstone
LB B40   Tree Lucy Buel Footstone
Ledoyt, Ester B22 1792 10-Feb 20y 10m Rev Biel & Joanna   Long sickness Winged effigy/lilies/columns/willows Epitaph
Lund, Betty E. B84 ? April   Cap Oliver & Thankful   Willow/border  
Lund, Elmina B83 1812 31-Jul 4y 1m 27d Cap Oliver & Thankful   Rosette/willow/border  
Manning, Meroa B86 1892 13-Jan 84y   Carved in relief
Missing footstone from 1995 documentation B64  
MS B35   Line border Footstone of Mindwell Stannard
Nettleton, Alanson B111 1813 30-Sep 1y 8m Nathan & Hannah   Rosette/star/willow Epitaph/double stone
Nettleton, Sally B111 1803 6-Dec 3m Nathan & Hannah   Rosette/star/willow Epitaph/double stone
Newton, Christopher B97 1834 19-Feb 90y  
Newton, Hannah B95 1809 2-Jan 61y   ?   Urn/portal/star/heart/border Most likely Hannah Giles Newton, wife of Isaac Newton
Newton, Mary B96 1821 14-May 76y   Christopher  
Noyes, Barber B81 1817 12-Dec 5y Samuel & Jane   Rosette/ crosses/ border/ willow  
Noyes, Elial B78 1816 24-Jun 7y Samuel & Jane   Urn/rosettes  
Noyes, Syntha B80 1807 21-Sep 7m 1d Samuel & Jane   Rosette/willow/border  
Parmele, Ezra Jr B74 1798 16-Jul 23y Cap Ezra & Sibbil   Winged effigy/lilies/columns Epitaph
Parmele, Sybil B73 1804 2-May 24y Cap Ezra & Sybil   Willow/border Epitaph
Parmelee, Ezra B77 1838 18-Jan 92y 5m   Sybil   Epitaph
Parmelee, Sewall B79 1814 15-Sep 1y 6m John & Phebe   Flower  
Parmelee, Sybil Hill B76 1838 6-Apr 91y   Ezra Parmelee   Epitaph
PP B66   Border Footstone
Seamans, Charles B23 1793 26-Jun 19y 10m Rev Job & Sarah    Fall from plate of first Meetinghouse Winged effigy/lilies/ columns Epitaph
Seamans, Charles B58   Unusual urn? Footstone
Stannard, Mindwell B44 1785 9-Nov 41y   William   Urn/willow/vine border  
Stevens, Abigail B52 1800 25-Mar 58y   Josiah   Coffin/willow/heart/portrait/vines Epitaph
Stevens, Edward B53 1801 April 35y   Lost on passage from Savannah to New York   Erected by Maj Josiah Stevens his brother
Stevens, Mary B54 1787 26-Sep 43y   Josiah   Portrait/lilies/columns/border Epitaph
Stevens, Sally B53 1802 May   Lost on passage from Savannah to New York   Erected by Maj Josiah Stevens his brother
Towner, Asa Lyman B108 1801 23-Jan 27y   Urn/portal/willow/rosettes/star/border  
Towner, Ephraim B109 1799 12-Jul 56y   Portrait/tulip/heart/border Epitaph
Towner, Zacheus B110 1819 21-Oct 28y   Urn/portal/willow  
Ward, Gershom B107 1803 7-Apr 61y   Urn/willow/border Epitaph
Wilcox, Asa B25 1813 8-Sep 7m Asa & Sibyl   Rosette/willow Pointed crown
Wilcox, Grace B85 1819 18-Nov 34y   James   My Mother
Wilcox, Mary B92 1768 9-Mar 11d Jesse & Thankful   First death in Newport Winged effigy Epitaph
Willcox, Chloe B9 1817 10-Sep 66y   Phineas   Top of stone missing  
Willcox, Cloah B10 1812 9-May 28y Phinehas & Cloah   Willow/rosette/stars  
Willcox, Fatima B8 1817 5-Apr 7y Phineas Jr & Rachel  
Willcox, Jesse Jr B82a 1811 27-Feb 39y   Border around inscription History/Epitaph
Willcox, Oscar Addison B7 1813 26-Mar 16m Phineas Jr & Rachel   Rosette/willow branch/star/vines  
Wines twin sons B71 1790 6-Jan 24 hours Abijah Jr & Ruth   Portraits/grapes/tulip/vine border  
Wines, Elizabeth B70 1814 13-Feb 1y 10m Rev Abijah & Ruth   Rosette/willow/border Recessed
Wines, Hiram B72 1813 21-Mar 19y 10m Rev Abijah & Ruth   Urn/star/shells/willow/border  
ZT B100   Border Footstone Zacheus Towner
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