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Pine Street West Cemetery Quadrant B ALT - ET
Name Plot Number Year Date Age Parents Spouse Cause of Death Motif Stonecutter/      Notes
ALT B98     Willow/border Footstone Asa Lyman Towner
Atwood, Elizabeth B24 1811 28-Mar 68y 9m 28d   Caleb   Urn/willow/diamonds Epitaph
Baldwin, Erastus B16 1823 20-Feb 33y  
Baldwin, Erastus Jr B17 1813 31-Mar 1y E. & L.   
Baldwin, James P. B20 1862 20-Jan 40y 4m  
Baldwin, Lucy B15 1837 10-Mar 50y  
Baldwin, Lucy J. B3 1831 Feb 8y E. & L.  
Baldwin, Martha C. B18 1815 20-May 15m E. & L.  
Baldwin, Martha J.  B19 1822 6-Feb 3y E. & L.  
Bascom, Carlos B67 1806 27-Dec 2y 11d Rheuben & Lydia   Willow Mower marks
Bascom, Eunice B68 1813 7-Nov 19y  Reuben & Lydia   Urn/vines  
Bascom, Philomela B69 1824 29-Jan 32y   Reuben Jr   Holes around border
Broken Stones B87a        
Buel, Aaron B28 1807 11-Nov 77y   Urn/willow Epitaph
Buel, Abigail B27 1835 11-Dec 77y   John   Urn/willow/sunbursts/oval border  
Buel, Abraham B47 1797 24-Jun 15d Abraham & Ruth   Willow  
Buel, Amy B29 1800 10-Apr 55y   Aaron, 2nd wife   Winged effigy, serpentine border Epitaph
Buel, Jane B61 1810 24-Jul 79y   Dea Joseph   Ornate urn/arrow/crosses/willow/rosettes/border Epitaph
Buell, Abraham B48 1804 22-Sep 50y   Willow/sunbursts Inscriptions in ovals/Epitaph
Buell, Deborah B62 1802 17-Feb 31y Dea Joseph & Jane   Raised/willow/urn/side branches Epitaph
Buell, Harriet B49 1880 Oct 82y 8m   Epitaph
Buell, John B26 1851 18-Mar 87y   Border  
Buell, Joseph B60 1801 1-Jan 62y   Urn/willow/lilies/serpentine border Epitaph
Buell, Lucy B51 1813 10-Mar 35y   John   Rosette/ willow/ vines  
Buell, Roxana B50 1806 Aug 1y 11m John & Lucy   Rosette/willow  
Buell, Roxana 2nd B50 1812 Jul 2y 11m John & Lucy   Rosette/willow  
Buell, Ruth B46 1788 4-Jun 3y 6m Abraham & Ruth   Portrait/lilies/border  
Buell, Sally B63 18__ 2-Feb ?   Matthew   Urn/bottom border Epitaph
Carr, Bethiar B1 1815 17-Dec 17y 11m 7d Thomas & Bethiar    Willow/Urn/star  
Carr, Bethiar B5 1843 19-Nov 85y   Thomas   Border  
Carr, infant daughter B2 1818 11-Jan 2m 1d Benjamin & Sally   Urn/willow/stars  
Carr, Thomas B4 1828 4-Mar 74y   Urn/willow/sunburst/columns  
CCC B34     Sapling Footstone
Church, Azubah B37 1809 19-Sep 1m Samuel Jr & Azubah   Rosette/willow/vine border  
Church, John B36 1811 12-Aug 9m 12d Samuel Jr & Azubah   Willow  
Church, John B33 1812 25-Aug 9m 13d Samuel Jr & Azubah   Willow  
Church, Jonathan B43 1829 Mar 33y  
Church, Martha B41 1836 Aug 90y 6m   Samuel  
Church, Nabby (Abigail) B39 1803 13-Jul 25y Samuel & Patty (Martha)   Urn/willow/serpentine border Epitaph
Church, Patty B38 1801 5-Feb 24y Samuel & Patty (Martha)   Urn/willow/serpentine border Epitaph
Church, Samuel B42 1828 28-Jun 79y   b. New London, Ct 14 Apr 1749; Rev. soldier
Comstock, Fandasy B75 1828 22-Nov 35y   Samuel H.   Willow  
Dexture, Phebe B21 1789 18-Apr 30y   Stephen   Portrait/lilies/border Epitaph
Dexture, Phebe B11     Footstone
Dudley, Daniel B57 1811 12-Feb 92y   Urn/portal/willow/drapes/rosettes/vines/crosses Epitaph
Dudley, Deborah B59 1789 6-Feb 100y   Daniel Dudley   Winged effigy, lilies under Epitaph
Dudley, Deborah B45     Lily Footstone
Dudley, Ezra B55 1792 8-May 28y   urn/lily/portrait/border Epitaph
Dudley, Leynard B101 1796 5-Jul 1m Daniel & Mehitable   Urn/willow/border  
Dudley, Mehitabel B102 1782 25-May 3m Daniel & Mehitable   Urn/pedestal/willow/border  
Dudley, Samuel B103 1800 13-Nov 5m Daniel & Mehitable   Urn/willow/border AB: correction of date
Dudley, Susannah B56 1791 6-Aug 68y   Daniel   Lilies/profile Epitaph
Dwinel, Patty B12 1813 23-Jun 2y 6m 3d Jacob & Temperance   Willow tree  
Dwinel, Solon B13 1809 21-Nov 6m 21d Jacob & Temperance   Rosette/willow/ crosses  
Dwinel, Temperance B14 1815 12-Feb 31y   Jacob   Urn  
Ellis, Asa B88 1828 12-Aug 65y  
Ellis, Hannah B89 1825 15-Dec 59y   Davis  
Ellis, Jacob B90 1812 3-Nov 83y  
Ellis, Tamar B91 1809 14-Dec 67y   Jacob Severe consumption Urn/portal/ willow/border Epitaph
ET B99     Footstone Ephraim Towner
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