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Pine Street West Cemetery

 The re-documentation of Pine Street West Cemetery in Newport, New Hampshire began in August of 2008. The purpose of this documentation is to build upon the information collected by Andy Andrews and his cemetery group in 1995. A comparison of the 1995 data to the gravestones present in 2007 showed several missing stones.

 Sponsored by the Newport Historical Society, the goal of this project is to preserve the genealogical information present on the stones, and eventually raise enough money for the preservation and restoration of the cemetery. Pine Street West Cemetery is Newport’s oldest cemetery, deeded to the town on December 31, 1771 by two of Newport’s original settlers, Benjamin Bragg and his wife Eleanor. Many of the first settlers are buried here. The earliest grave is that of the first child born in Newport, Mary Wilcox. Mary was the daughter of Jesse and Thankful Wilcox, and lived for 11 days, from February 28, 1769 to March 9, 1769.



 The first step to this documentation was to conduct a Cemetery Assessment and take pictures to document cemetery conditions. Members of the Cemetery Committee then proceeded to document each stone, using a gravestone Survey Sheet. 


 Genealogical Information

 Much of Newport’s genealogical information is contained in Edmund Wheeler’s The History of Newport, New Hampshire, from 1766 to 1878, with a Genealogical Register. A comparison of the information in Wheeler’s history and information on Pine Street West Cemetery gravestones shows inconsistencies. The information provided here is derived solely from the gravestones. Please contact the Newport Historical Society for further information.


Pine Street West Cemetery  

Quadrant A:               Buell - Ledoyt          Mirick - Wines

Quadrant B:               ALT - ET                 Giles - ZT

Quadrant C:               A - H                        J - W                                

Quadrant D: Coming Soon!

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