Newport Historical Society

The 2019 Corbin Covered Bridge Festival

Celebrate with us this weekend at the

Corbin Covered Bridge Festival
Saturday, October 12, 2019
From 9 to 3 pm
On the turf runway by the bridge on Corbin Road
Parking for the event is at this location not at the airport operation center.
There will be many fun things to do!

Enjoy Some Shopping!


These trunnels have been turned from a scorched beam of the 1843 original Corbin Covered Bridge rescued from the banks of the Sugar River in 2018. This beam was stored in a barn over the 2019 winter to dry out then cut into boards in September of 2019.  These trunnels were turned by the same Walpole shop that made the trunnels in 1994 for the current bridge.  Tree growth rings counted on a 2” slice off the end of the beam revealed 180+ years of growth before being cut for the original 1843 Corbin Covered Bridge. This tree was a sapling in the mid 1600’s!!  A full page photo of this cut showing the counted rings can be seen on page 12 of the newly released book, “The 19 Covered Bridges of Newport, New Hampshire”. Trunnels are available in lengths of 7”,  5” and 3”.  Very limited quantities are available, so don’t miss out! Pick one up at the big tent at the Festival.  What a great Christmas gift this would be!!!


Fashioned from the same beams as the trunnels, these 2” x 3” blocks contain a branded image of the Corbin Bridge portal. The jars contain fragrant sawdust captured during the sawing process when the beam was sawn into boards of various thicknesses.  An exceptional opportunity to own a piece of the original Corbin Covered Bridge! A great Christmas gift and again, Don’t Miss Out!!


Newport Historical Society’s new book, “The 19 Covered Bridges of Newport, New Hampshire” is now available at the museum or any offsite venues where our booth is located and, of course, at the Festival.  Thoroughly researched, the book contains 88 pages of text, black & white and color photos. Learn when the bridges were built, where they were located, who they were named after and what caused their destruction. The book is divided into three sections. Part 1 deals with highway covered bridges, Part 2 concentrates on the 13 railroad covered bridges. Newport has 2 of the 8 railroad covered bridges remaining world-wide. While the Pier and Wright’s are considered in Part 2, Part 3 deals with the other six. Priced at $20.

Participate in the Silent Auction 2019!


Corbin Covered Bridge painting by Patti Warren offered as silent auction item under the big tent at the Festival.  Come to the tent and make your bid from 9am to 6pm Winner will be announced at the "Dinner by the Bridge."


These Corbin Covered Bridge Wind Chimes by Bruce Kozlik are handcrafted from remnants of the former Corbin Covered Bridge. Make your Silent Auction bid at the Newport Historical Society Table under the Big Tent at The Festival. The winner of these lovely Wind Chimes will be announced later that evening at the Harvest Dinner.  You do not have to be present to WIN!

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